My Top 2 Online Traffic Schools, California

So most likely if you are reading my article you have just gotten a ticket in California, am i right!?  Don’t worry, I wrote this article only a few weeks after getting a ticket myself.

We had our research team do a little digging around to find the top two online driving schools in California to help you keep you insurance rates low and points off your record. So instead of researching the over 400 california traffic schools we have done the work for you.

Here are the TOP two fastest online traffic schools in California.

Before we get started with our top 2 traffic school list, lets go over how we did our judging. It was a 6 point scale: Ease of sign up, course content, quiz questions, number of chapters, and overall site friendliness.

The #1 California Traffic School

Our team came to an almost unanimous decision that was the best california traffic school. The site allows you to sign up in only few seconds without asking for any ticket info and you can even choose to pay later! The course is writing in plan english not your typical lawyer talk you get from other sites, and the questions were simple common since quests you most likely already know the answer to.

Our #2 Easiest Online Traffic School

Coming in with a similar review score as #1 is Just because this school is #2 don’t count it out.  They are a great online traffic school that even our “older” testers had literally no trouble passing in way less time then all the other schools out their.