Traffic School Answers, California

Looking for the answers to your online traffic school.  Well if you choose one of the schools listed below you are in luck.  These answers were submited to us by past students. If you have a have an answers to other schools send them our way and we will updated our list.

Take a look below for online traffic school answer we have to date.  If your course is listed below, simply click on the link and you will be take to a page with all the answers. Users have told us they were able to pass their course in less then 3o minutes thanks to these traffic school cheat sheets.

Online Traffic School Cheat Sheets:

  • Quick California Traffic School
  • Easy Citation Removal


My Top 2 Online Traffic Schools, California

So most likely if you are reading my article you have just gotten a ticket in California, am i right!?  Don’t worry, I wrote this article only a few weeks after getting a ticket myself.

We had our research team do a little digging around to find the top two online driving schools in California to help you keep you insurance rates low and points off your record. So instead of researching the over 400 california traffic schools we have done the work for you.

Here are the TOP two fastest online traffic schools in California.

Before we get started with our top 2 traffic school list, lets go over how we did our judging. It was a 6 point scale: Ease of sign up, course content, quiz questions, number of chapters, and overall site friendliness.

The #1 California Traffic School

Our team came to an almost unanimous decision that was the best california traffic school. The site allows you to sign up in only few seconds without asking for any ticket info and you can even choose to pay later! The course is writing in plan english not your typical lawyer talk you get from other sites, and the questions were simple common since quests you most likely already know the answer to.

Our #2 Easiest Online Traffic School

Coming in with a similar review score as #1 is Just because this school is #2 don’t count it out.  They are a great online traffic school that even our “older” testers had literally no trouble passing in way less time then all the other schools out their.

Quickest California Traffic School

Who wants to take their whole Saturday or Sunday doing traffic school, not this girl!  So instead I’ve spent some time pouring over blog posts to narrow down the over 400 traffic schools to choose from, yep there are that many, to find the quickest California traffic school. And low and behold this school holds up to its name,  Most traffic schools claim they take 6-8 hours to finish, this school only takes about 60 min to 90 min.

How is the traffic school so quick?

The key to the course is to purchase the unlimited course attempts version and to not worry about reading all the course content and go strait to the quiz in each chapter.  If you fail the quiz don’t worry, you can take it as may times as you need to until you pass.  My suggestion is to write down the answers as you pass, most are common sense questions.  Once you get to the final do your best to pass it the first time, but once again don’t worry! If you don’t pass they are forced by California DMV law to show you the correct answers, simply write them down and take the course again for free powered by having all the answers.

My traffic school took less then an hour

And that my friends is how this girl was able to her California Traffic School in less then an hours!

If anyone else takes this course and uses my advice I would love to hear about it.  Leave a comment below on your experience.

Easiest Online Traffic School California

If you are forced to do something you’re not thrilled with, like take online traffic school, then you are most likely looking for the easiest way to accomplish this task.  I’m mean, if I was 15 years old and looking to learn how to driving I might want a really detailed course so I can learn a thing or two.  But if you’re a seasoned driver and already know the rules of the road then what’s the point of having some boring teacher tell you that driving is a school zone is only 25 miles per hour.

This blog is dedicated to helping drivers fined the easiest traffic school course for those “lucky enough” to get ticket in California.  We have narrowed down a list of traffic schools for you to make this process less stressful and to get you done with you traffic school in hours, not days.

Easy Traffic School List:

We have narrowed down nearly 400 traffic schools a handful of the easy online traffic schools you can take.

[Traffic Schools Go Here]

Why these Traffic Schools are so Easy

All of these course are the easiest we have come across for a few reasons:

  • They are all the least painful and are by no means boring, all the content is easy to read and informative.
  • Each site was designed to get the student through the course as quick as possible.  You can tell their programmers are top notch and know how to make things super easy on the traffic school student.
  • The sites aren’t full of stupid jokes that make getting through the content a nightmare!!!  You can tell they wrote their text so the users could simply skim the content and pass each chapter with ease.

California Traffic School Promo Codes

If you are looking to save a few dollars on your California online traffic school you have come to the right place.  The goal of our site is to inform you the driver on ways to save money, drive safer and make driving more enjoyable.

On occasion we all make a mistake when driving, and sometimes that mistake is a speeding ticket or driving infraction which mot likely lead you here looking for a cheaper and quicker way to fulfill your traffic school.

California Traffic School Discounts

Thanks to our dedicated staff and kind contributors we have developed a great list of promotional codes and discount codes for you to save money on your online traffic school in California.  Below is our best coupon codes for your enjoyment, please leave a review below and let us know what codes worked best for your.